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The New York Style Cheese Box

This entry posted by Joey at 11:13 PM on May 26, 2008

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So my buddy Keith has this problem He has one fat cat, oh sorry that wasn't very PC, lets call him Gravitationally challenged, and one skinny one. The problem is that when he tried to restrict the heavy cats food intake Tons-O-Fun just wound up eating the skinny cats food so he made a cheese box (not sure where he came up with the name but I like it). Basically the idea is put the skinny cats food in a box and make the opening small enough so that the fat cat cant get though, Brilliant!!!!!!

Sue free feeds her cats (leaves food and water out 24/7 and the Cats graze whenever the feeling moves them) and ever since Cooper learned to navigate the steps in the basement the moment we turn our backs he has been gorging himself on the protein rich Pro Plan Cat food.

This usually makes for very um........very interesting bowel movements. Its also responsible for few times the Cooper Corral hasn't worked 100%.

My creation is basically a variation of his idea except I made a ramp leading up to a platform and the cats enter from a hole in the floor. As Cooper grows I can easily raise the height of the railing. I also made some scratching posts in hopes they would use them rather than my new leather sectional.

Here we see a very vexed Cooper.


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